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Go to the accomodation section or click in this link here.

NO, we would be providing lodging within the premises of college, at walking distance from the fest . Food would be available in several stalls set up on the ground, as well as at the plenty restaurants available nearby.

NO, you don't have to pay anything for the pronites. You just have to register and get your entry pass. You can register here..

Rajatam Vardhanam - a two word phrase where the first word Rajatam, means "silver" in both Sanskrit and Telegu. The second word Vardhanam means "culture" in Telegu, and in Sanskrit it means "to escalate". As we celebrate the varicoloured cultures acclaimed nationwide, our theme suggests a fortuitous yet intriguing union of two languages that have totally contrasting antecedents. This is reflective of the harmony that we Indians uphold, feel proud of and have used to outweigh all forces that have ever tried to divide us. Rajatam brings out the essence of the Silver Jubilee celebrations while Vardhanam conveys our vow to escalate in all directions - culture, literature, tradition, technology and humanitarian fellow-feeling. Thus, this year, the stage of Espektro, promises to host a diverse plethora of celebrations and escalate the sentiments that we behold at KGEC in particular and in India at large.

Because of you people :-)