Who are we?

We the students of Kalyani Government Engineering College join hands each year in jubilation to celebrate the biggest-techno management and cultural fest of Kalyani, Espektro. This time around, as KGEC turns 25, we would add the much anticipated Silver Jubilee celebrations to our roster.

What makes Espektro?

The kingdom Espektro is divided into two territories: Exotica - the Cultural Fest and Techtix - The Techno-Management Fest. The gala spans over four days in which the aspiring Engineers feed their technological appetite through events in robotics, science exhibition, hackathon and every other innovative technological bout a creative mind may think of. Besides, the geeks and the brainy wizards in games of chess, quizzing, debate, spell-bee, treasure hunt and a boundless gazette of brain stormer. Exotica, on the other hand, is the house to artistic talents, a haven for creative compositions.

The fuel of Espektro

The promotion team and sponsorship team, comprising students well versed in management, bring in the money and the mob. The art and decoration team lights up the arena with some real bedizenment. The Alumni team gets in touch with all our seniors, so that the entire KGEC family may come over and stay together at the greatest event of the college. The clubs of KGEC, under the umbrella of the Students' Union, responsible for the nurture and cultivation of co-curriculars and extra-curriculars throughout the academic year, come together to pull off this extraordinary vibrance. And this year, with the extra tinge of the Silver Jubilee celebrations, we plan to make it even bigger and better.

How big is Espektro?

Espektro has remained host to the biggest of Bollywood names in the past like Armaan Malik, Nakash Aziz, Sachin-Jigar, Mohammed Irfan and Prakriti Kakkar. YouTube sensation Shirley Sethia has been one of our most endeared guests. KGEC has grooved to the symphonies of The Trap, Fossils, The Local Train, Delete, Morphin and the list of nationally acclaimed bands to have touched the stage of KGEC is endless. Espektro has always been stage to raw talents, unleashed passion and reveling vibes. That's all about the KGEC-ians with Team Espektro, at your service for Espektro'20. We wish to see all of you on our turf. ;)